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Michael L. Dougan, MD, PhD – Brain Cancer Science Talk (Episode 1)

Understanding and Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events in Immuno-Oncology Protocols

Therapeutic protocols that harness the power of the human immune system to attack tumors are increasingly central to the practice of modern oncology.  While contemporary immuno-oncology (I-O) tools are miraculous, they do create unique immune-related adverse event (irAE) challenges, which must be understood and managed in order to keep patients safely on therapy.

In this Episode of the Brain Cancer Science Talk series, we speak with Michael L. Dougan, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School; see here and here) about his pioneering work in understanding the mechanisms and clinical management of irAEs across the full spectrum of oncology, including brain cancers.

Dr. Dougan has been an invaluable resource for the entire MissionGBM family, and has been quick to see patients in his practice at MGH as well as do peer-to-peer consulting with other care teams.  Julie would not have been able to achieve her durable Complete Response without Dr. Dougan’s expertise and counsel.

Michael Dougan
Michael L. Dougan, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (photo source: MGH/Harvard)

Whether you are a neuro-oncology patient on a I-O protocol, a Neuro-Oncology care team physician, or an executive at a Biopharma company developing new immunotherapies, it is worthwhile to get to know Mike.  He is what every physician/scientist should aspire to be.