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Graeme Woodworth, MD – Brain Cancer Science Talk (Episode 2)

Neurosurgical Techniques to Treat Brain Cancers and Enhance Transport of Therapeutic Agents Across the Blood Brain Barrier

One of the most vexing problems in the development of new therapies for treating brain cancers is the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), which can prevent promising therapeutic agents from reaching the brain tumor with a sufficient concentration to cause the desired therapeutic effect.  Multiple lines of research are currently being pursued to enhance trans-BBB transport of both therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

In this Episode of the Brain Cancer Science Talk series, we speak with Graeme Woodworth, MD (Chair of Neurosurgery; Director of the Brain Tumor Program, University of Maryland; see here) about his promising work in developing and clinically deploying new techniques for transiently opening the BBB in brain cancer diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Graeme Woodworth, MD (photo source: University of Maryland)

Dr. Woodworth has been an invaluable resource for the entire MissionGBM family, and has been quick to see patients in his practice as well as do peer-to-peer consulting with other care teams.

Whether you are interviewing neurosurgeons for a brain tumor resection or working with your Neuro-Oncology care team to develop treatment options, we highly recommend getting in touch with Graeme Woodworth, MD.